Differences Between N52 Magnets and N-35 Magnets

What is the difference between N52 Magnets and N35 Magnets? Why is it that they have such a huge difference in (BN) max? It is important to note that N52 and N35 magnets are essentially the same, just with different grades. So, why do they have such a massive difference in (BN) max?

N52 Magnets

It’s necessary to understand that grade classifications of permanent magnet are not predicated on magnetic properties, but rather about the quality of the magnet. Magnets are made from the pure iron core that’s sandwiched between two strong neodymium magnets that are subsequently coated in tungsten carbide for high polish and strength.

Most of us would have understood about magnets as a strong magnet which can hold much force on a small area. However, what isn’t so apparent is why there are also some magnets that hold more force. One of the main difference between N-52 Magnets and N-35 Magnets lies in the magnet’s permanent magnetization. To be able to make sure that the magnet is always magnetized, there is a magnetic field applied to the magnet after which the bark is measured using the measurement scale.

For N-52 Magnets, it’s carried out by pressing a magnet with the hands to be measured into an iron center and the magnet is placed on the measuring scale and the magnet will undergo an internal magnetic field. The longer the magnet is magnetized the higher its magnetic field is. This is the way the magnet’s static magnetic field is created and also the more N-52 Magnets are used in this procedure.

N-35 Magnets nevertheless, on the other hand, are created the other way around. They’re measured through an external magnetic field and then the bark is placed on the measuring scale and if the magnet isn’t magnetized, the magnetic field is applied to the magnet will probably experience a new magnetic field in its own location.

Both these magnets are similar in character, but they perform various functions. Both have a high quality, but the chief difference is in the type of magnetized permanent magnet.

If we look at the N-35 Magnets, it has a large magnetic field that will make it easier to receive a stable magnetized permanent magnet. Due to this, the high quality N-35 Magnets will continue longer. N-52 Magnets though have a much smaller magnetic field.

This is the most important reason why there’s a big difference between N-35 and N-52 Magnets. N-35 magnets are cheaper but also have a lesser grade of magnetized permanent magnet, and they’re just great for a longer time span.

With N-35 magnets, the magnetized permanent magnet is more durable and is durable. In most cases, a N-35 magnet will last up to 60 years of use. This usually means they are the better alternative for those who are looking for a durable magnet to use.

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